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As a licensed counseling psychologist, I provide individual psychological therapy for the full age range of adults. Although my focus is on working with athletes and other performers/competitors, issues addressed can include various concerns like depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, and life transition. I work with adolescents (age 14 to 17) on a limited basis, usually in the context of performance anxiety issues. Psychological issues related to sports and performance can often be billed to insurance.

Cost to client varies with insurance plan. Out-of-pocket payment can be discussed.


Consultation for performance enhancement involves mental skill development for achieving peak performance. This entails out-of-pocket payment for a series of sessions (typically three or more) that focus on cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-based approaches, applied to performance enhancement.

Current rates:

$185 initial session (60 min.)

$125 per follow-up session (50 min.)


I work with coaching staff, team members, or both, to address the unique goals and challenges of the team unit. Through this process, I provide education and feedback, and/or facilitate group communication, to help teams identify and implement strategies for growth in team culture and performance.


Current rate:

$125 per hour


Guided meditation and imagery are key elements to mental training. Online videos and apps for these skills abound. But imagine how much more effective it could be to have a 15- to 30-minute guided audio recording customized to your specific performance situation and needs!


 An individualized recording can be created within the standard treatment setting at no extra charge to you. I can also create such a recording on a "primary product" basis, such as for a person who is not able to attend local sessions, or who wants a customized recording only, without participation in standard therapy sessions. A free standing recording typically involves completion of a brief questionnaire, a 45- to 50-minute interview (in person or over internet), and another hour on my end to prepare and record the final product, made available to you via simple, fast electronic transfer.

Cost to client: No charge for in-session recording, $250 for primary product

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