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My Services


As a licensed counseling psychologist, I provide individual psychological therapy for adults. I specialize in working athletes and other performers/competitors. In addition to addressing performance concerns, common mental health issues like depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, and life transition are often part of the focus. I work with adolescents (ages 14 to 17) on a limited basis, usually in the context of sport performance. Psychological issues related to sports and performance can often be billed to insurance.

Cost to client varies with insurance plan. Inquire directly for out-of-pocket payment rates.


Consultation for performance enhancement involves mental skill development for achieving peak performance. This entails out-of-pocket payment for a series of sessions (typically three or more) that focus on cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-based approaches, applied to performance enhancement.

Current rates:

$225 initial session (60 min.)

$175 per follow-up session (45-50 min.)


I work with coaching staff, team members, or both, to address the unique goals and challenges of the team unit. Through this process, I provide education and feedback, and/or facilitate group communication, to help teams identify and implement strategies for growth in team culture and performance.


Current rate:

$200 per hour, including travel and prep time if needed

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