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Reach greater heights.

Dr. Luke Patrick
Counseling and Sport Psychologist

Private, confidential, sports performance and mental health services by a licensed psychologist

In sports and other areas of life, performance demands can be exhilarating, rewarding, challenging, and heart breaking, sometimes all at once. Even at elite levels of achievement, being human means facing hurdles between ourselves and our greatest aspirations. In times like this, consultation with a well-qualified sport and performance psychologist can uncover tools and strategies to clear the barriers to optimal experience!

I provide psychological therapy and mental performance support to collegiate, pro, and Olympic level athletes and as well as other professional and elite performers.

Luke Patrick PhD, LLC

16110 SW Regatta Lane, Beaverton, Oregon, USA



I offer virtual and in-person sessions. Contact me to discuss options and set up services.

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Dr. Patrick

Headshot of Luke Patrick PhD Sport Psychologist

I developed a passion for sport psychology as an NCAA Division I track athlete at Drake University. After college, my pursuits led me to a master’s degree in kinesiology at Kansas State University, and then to a doctoral degree in counseling psychology at the University of Iowa.   

I have worked with teams and individual athletes at the high school, collegiate, Olympic, and professional levels. My ever-growing range of clientele has included competitors from events as varied as fencing, equestrian sports, and international open water swimming, as well as professional athletes in the NBA, NWSL, NFL, MLB, MLS, UFC, and USA Track and Field.


I am listed in the NFL Players' Association Clinician Directory, and the Mental Health Registry for the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee. I am a psychologist affiliate for the NCAA Division I, University of Portland Athletics Mental Health and Wellness Program.


As a licensed counseling psychologist, I provide individual psychological therapy for adults dealing with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, and life transition. I work with adolescents (age 14 to 18) on a limited basis, usually in the context of sport performance.  Sports- and performance-related issues often affect social and occupational functioning, and therefore treatment can be covered through insurance. A list of my insurance network participation can be found at the bottom of this page.

Cost to client varies with insurance plan.

Contact me! Let's discuss your goals and a plan to get you there..


Consultation for performance enhancement involves mental skill development for achieving peak performance. This typically entails a series of sessions (often three to six) that focus on individualized cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness-based approaches, applied to performance enhancement.

Current rates:

60 minute intake session: $225

45-50 minute follow-up sessions: $175

Contact me! Let's discuss your goals and a plan to get you there..


I work with coaches, athletes, and sports medicine staff, to address the unique goals and challenges of the team unit. Through this process, I provide education and feedback, and/or facilitate group communication, to help teams identify and implement strategies for growth in team culture and performance.


Current rates:

$500 per hour

Contact me! Let's discuss your goals and a plan to get you there...

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